Student Security and Policy

    The Security Department of the College coordinates with the Office of Student Affairs in the enforcement of the rules and regulation and the implementation of the directives of the College. The Department secures and ensures personal safety of the NDJC Community.


The following are the Campus Security Policies:

1. Students must subject themselves for inspection before entering the campus.  Any student who will not comply with the security requirements will be denied from entering the school campus.

2. Students are required to wear validated school I.D cards and school uniform before entering and while inside the school campus.

3. Students under the influence of intoxicating liquor, mind-altering drugs or in any misfit behavior that can pose threats to the security of NDJC community must be denied from entering the campus.

4. Students on vehicles must enter using the gate on Gandasuli Road and are not allowed to enter using the main gate (fronting the air force camp). Vehicle car pass serves as an entry pass.

5. As a security requirement, students with permit to carry guns must deposit their firearms at the security office. Firearms must not be brought inside the campus.

6. Students’ security escorts will only be allowed to enter if the permission is granted by the College president through the Director of Student Affairs.

7. Visitors must comply with the security requirements. Upon entry, they must present a valid I.D, sign in the logbook and get inside provided with visitors’ I.D.

8. NDJC Visitors’ security personnel must not carry firearms inside the school campus. 


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