Suluhan Publication

      Suluhan is a Bahasa Sinug for messenger. This is the official school publication of the Notre Dame of Jolo College composed of ethical, responsible and community-oriented student journalists. It serves as students’ soundboard and a chance to bring to attention school issues that are of significance to the community. It works in line with the College vision-mission statement and serves as an alternative yet effective venue for students to put into action their brand of selfless service and unconditional love through the might and merit of their words, sketches, images and voices. Today, Suluhan continues to explore all possibilities in the field of campus journalism.


    Although the function of Suluhan is like an office (where every member has a specific function as opposed to clubs where members can just be members without having any predefined and specific role), Suluhan is still a student organization and as such, the members would still want to have activities aside from the publication of a magazine.

I. Recruitment and Staffing

  Recruitment usually takes place during the end of second semester   and is done to fill staff writer positions or vacated layout artist and/or cartoonist positions. An exam is given to applicants and the number of how many will be accepted depends entirely on the Moderator and/or the Editor in Chief. There is no specific standard test to be given, so the Moderator and/or the Editor in Chief are free to construct the test. However, as a general guideline, writers should be tested for their writing ability (grammar, spelling, how they express their thoughts, etc), layout artists should be tested for their technical know how as well as their creativity, and cartoonists for their technical skill and ability to create an image that expresses a text’s idea.

II. Formation Seminar

                                        “Strengthening Connections as a Solid Voice of Students’ Rights”  

   An activity that aims to boost unity and camaraderie among members of the publication. It enhances sense of belongingness to the organization. Every member is encouraged to participate in this overnight activities and expected to apply techniques learned in dealing with co-staffers.

I.             III. Training Workshop on Campus Journalism

  • The objectives of this training workshop are: (1) to provide a more intensive training in campus journalism; and (2) to impress upon the participants the various challenges in campus writing.
  • Participants of this Training Workshop are the campus editorial staff publication (editor-in-chief, associate editor, senior editors, photo journalist) of different secondary feeder schools in Sulu.

IV. Presswork

Presswork is the process of putting together the bits and pieces that comprise the magazine up to the point that it becomes acceptable for publishing. The following activities comprise the presswork:


a. Staff Meeting

This meeting is where the members of the publication decide on the specific things and topics to put in the magazine.

b. Collection of Materials

Before layouting begins, all the materials necessary for the completion of the magazine must be collected first. This includes articles, pictures, drawings and other things the group has agreed on in the staff meeting.

c. Layout

Layouting is the processes of arranging objects on the magazine’s pages so that each page contains the information it wants to convey, the images needed to supplement the information being conveyed, and the artistic elements necessary to make the page pleasing to the eyes.




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