Palaro Activities

In the pursuit of providing holistic education or total development of the studentents,Palaro comes in four (4) phases:  

     The Phase 1 (Community Involvement) is an event where partnership with community is strengthened. This is an added phase in order to truly emphasize the intention of the O.M.I. and the vision-mission of the college which is strengthening collaboration with the community.

    The community involvement dose not solely open the door for partnership but also gives way for the community to appreciate the importance of delivering a program responsive to the needs of the community.

    The event highlighting street dancing and search for Mr. and Miss NDJC Palaroexposes not just talents, wits and creativity of NDJC Community, but also an avenue for the students to showcase their potentials and establish contacts and solidarity with the NDJC community.


The booth fair stimulates creativity in the use of indigenous materials and sense of entrepreneurship.


The Phase II (Sports Competition) is an annual school sports competition among students from different academic department. The sports comity, petition is conducted to complement the total educative process as it hopes to develop physical skills, honesty, self-discipline, social maturity, emotional stability and good sportsmanship among athletes.

The Phase III (Academic Competition) is a battle of wits among students- from quiz bowl competition to speech festivals like declamation and oration. 

The Phase IV (Socio-cultural competition) is a competition among musically-inclined students. It also showcases artistry and creativity.


Summer Fun is a one day mini-palaro activity during summer that fosters competitiveness among students enrolled in the summer. It aims to unite and not divide with its mind stimulating and physically challenging activities. 

Through these events, NDJC also serve as an avenue where an alumnus returns to his/her alma mater, where families gather, where old friends and acquaintances meet and join the celebration as in the old times.





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