Ingat Kapandayan Artist Center

Is a school-based theater arts group of the Notre Dame of Jolo College. The group has become the Cultural Arm of the college that seeks to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Suluans through artistic performances.

The group has produced not just numerous performers in the college, but it has also molded cultural and peace advocates equipped with self-discipline and a developed personality confident in their own field of specialization. Indeed, this organization has empowered its’ members to be a responsive members of the community.

      The Ugat, Puno at Bunga( The Enemy of war is war itself)  and Kissa sin Naglasa( The ParangSabil Story of PutlihIsara  and Abdulla) were among the major performance  made by the IngatKapandayan members. The group received numerous invitations  in and out of the campus and has performed in various key towns of Jolo, Siasi, Basilan and Zamboanga City.

       In 2009, the organization gave birth to PADDUMAN Newsletter. The Padduman newsletter was initiated in order to preserve the authenticity of the Tausug language.

        It was recognized as Most Promising Theater Group by NCCA- Tanghal 2 in 2008 and One of the Ten Area Finalist for Mindanao in the TAYO 8 AWARDS in 2010 by the Office of Sen. Francisco Pangilinan.

         Recently, the group was invited to perform in 1st INTERNATIONAL GONG AND BAMBOO FESTIVAL and featured in blogsites: Pinoyadventurista, Choose Philippines and Philippine Anatomy.

        In its intension to continuously deliver the intension to preserve and promote Tausug cultural heritage, the group continuously conduct Community Theater Workshop and have produced numerous productions written and directed by the participants itself.

The Barangay Taytayan portrays the livelihood of some people who lived in the Barangay populated and occupied by Tausug and Badjao. Most of them lived in stilt houses on the coast, ordinary land houses clustered along protected shorelines and house boats with a foot bridges (taytayan) that connect a house to another houses. But most importantly the “taytayan” also resembles connection between members of the community not just as neighbors but as family.

This play also tackles about political issue, social issue, and occupational issue, and health, environmental and even pollution in the Barangay. It displays both positive and negative characteristic and personalities of the residents.



BatahSug: The Musical play is packed with scenes portraying the life as a youth in LupahSug (Jolo). Moreover, the play also unfolds views and perceptions of the Tausug youth about LupahSug.

This play shows struggles, frustrations, dreams, visions and different perspective of youth in the comings ang goings of their lives. Social issues like strict parenting, teen age pregnancy and intimate relationships, alcoholism, substance abuse, materialism, colonial mentality and the effects of westernization among BatahSug are also featured in the play.




Destiny ‘’ Suratan’’unfolds a story of love and revenge. It is a love triangle story of a man, Sayid who’s already engaged with PutlihJawhar but fell in love with a princess at first sight. The story shows love comes in the least expected ways and that destiny determines the person whom you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

The story will be told in the form of Pangalay, Linggisan and Jin Dances accompanied by live musical instruments such as Gandang, Kulintangan and Agung.

The story of Suray and Sulaiman is a comical tausug version of Romeo and Juliet. The story reveals love between traditional and influenced Tausug tradition collides. Sulaiman is a royalty whose family are traditional, while Suray is a commoner whose ways of living are of western influenced.


Colors ‘’ Warnah’’:  is a pantomime play that portrays position of women in the society (as represented by women in different colors). The play also shows men superiority, violence  and the respect, love and care that must be given to women.  This is a showcase of powerful and creative dances on stage.





Misfortune ‘’PatayLidjiki’’ is a collection of experiences of 4P’s program. It is a story of the sidewalk vendors in Jolo public market where people are poor and are striving so hard to make a living. But one day, blessing came through FOR KEEPS program where mothers with children can benefit. Some use the compensation wisely and their lives had greatly improved while others did not. Pataylidjiki signifies that fortunes in life comes and goes.






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