Undergrad Admission


 The College admits male and female students.

Students of any nationality, religious beliefs or political affiliation not contrary to existing laws are welcome to Notre Dame of Jolo College.

Secondary school graduates seeking admission to the College for the first time must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Present Form 138 (High school report card) or any other equivalent document, attesting to the fact that the applicant is a secondary school graduate.
  2. Present the result of the placement examination given by the College.
  3. Present himself/herself to the Department Chairman for an interview.
  4. Present his/her NSO birth certificate.
  5. Present a certificate of good moral character from high school attended.



Notre Dame of  Jolo College reserves the right to decide what credits will be given for work done in other colleges or universities. It may at its discretion require transferees to take a validating examination as condition for the credits given for work done in other schools. Transferees must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Pass the validating examination prepared and administered by the subject Area Coordinator.
  2. Present the necessary transfer credentials from the College or University last Attended.
  3. Present his/her transcript of records for proper evaluation of subjects taken.
  4. Present certificate of good moral character from the last school attended.



  1. Will be permitted to enroll upon presentation of the clearance for past term attended at NDJC issued by the Finance office, and the presentation of Grade report of the last term attended at NDJC.
  2. Suspended from the College are not eligible for readmission without the written permit from the College Dean.
  3. With 40% failing grades (of their subject load) in the previous semester may be readmitted only upon the written permit of the College Dean.
  4. Who fail in the same subject twice is not eligible for readmission without the written permit of the College Dean. Said students may be advised to shift to a major or course that fits their abilities.

The College Authorities reserves the right to deny admission to students for reasons pf moral character and/or academic standing.

Credentials submitted for enrolment become part of the school’s records and therefore cannot be withdrawn after registration.

Alien students are required to submit to the Registrar a photocopy of their ACR (Alien Certificate Registration) duly certified and authenticated by the Commission on Higher Education. They are likewise required to submit the study permit from the same department.

Expectant mothers may be enrolled with the understanding that the rules on attendance apply to them should they deliver during the term.


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