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The Teacher Education Program aims to:

1. Equip with competencies in organizing, planning, and demonstrating instructional skills and strategies in translating educational development goals of our country into relevant and viable programs of instruction, utilizing the newly revised curriculum of the Commission on Higher Education;

2. Facilitate the consistent process of student development, gearing them into highly competent teachers, including the working continuum form pre-service teacher education to in-service training;

3. Assist students in acquiring a repertoire of teaching methods and techniques vis-a vis gain confidence in meeting varied and relevant learning styles;

4. Prepare students to acquire personal and professional attributes, values and attitudes which would motivate their continuing growth and utilize them in contributing and responding to the changing needs of particular culture and society to which they are part of;

5. Engage students into higher and challenging learning tasks so that they may develop and manifest creativity, sustain enthusiasm and energize their God-given potentials toward fruitful commitment in their would-be teaching profession;

6. Motivate students toward sustained collaborative and democratic learning-teaching  efforts by working in groups, thus internalizing the college vision, mission and goals; and

7. Hone students’ potentialities in language proficiency and gain self-confidence as they interact with persons in various circumstances and in the milieu they are exposed into.

     In view of the Objectives of the department and the changing circumstances and challenging demands of the teaching profession, the department holds the following admission policies.

1. Wholesome personality, satisfactory health, including physical make up which are contributory to building effective childrenattributes.

2. Only students who have satisfactorily completed all pre-requisite subjects will be allowed to enroll in Practice Teaching, which is exclusively taken on the last semester of their Fourth Year Education Program.

3.  Students enrolled in Practice Teaching must earn a grade of eighty-three (83%).

4. Students must maintain an average grade of eighty (80%) without failing grade(s).

5. Students enrolled in the Teacher Education Department should strive to speak English and Filipino to achieve language proficiency as best expected of teachers more than other professional fields.

6. Students who are terminated / eliminated from the program will not be readmitted to the department.


     In view of the Objectives of the Teacher Education Department and of the challenging demands of the teaching profession, the following policies on retention serve as guiding conditions:

1. Obviously necessary for would-be teachers, NO FAILING GRADE is accepted in this department in all year levels. Absolutely, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Maintaining a student in the Teacher Education Department, he or she must have no grade lower than 80% in all professional subjects, except in Practice Teaching, which is 83%.

3. Students in the Education Department should be well-mannered and maintain positive attitudes toward their studies.

Special Award

      As part of special awards Teacher Education Department gives Best Student in Practice Teaching with the following criteria:

a.      The student must be a member of the graduating class.

b.      He/She must have obtained the highest grade in practice teaching.

c.      He/She must be certified by the Department Chairperson as the most outstanding practice teacher/pre-service teacher.




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