About LA

The Liberal Arts Department helps the student to:

1. Acquire a liberal education in the humanities and sciences and competence in the specific academic field of study he/she chooses to pursue.

2. Become aware of and develop his/her God-given faculties and capacities so that he/she is able to communicate his/her ideas effectively, and becomes a creative and critical thinker and effective catalyst of change for the betterment of the people and the community around him/her.

3. Understand and appreciate Filipino culture and values so that he/she develops a sense of national identity while accepting the cultural plurality of the Filipino people.

4. Understand and be faithful to the teachings of the faith he/she has embraced and be able to live in peace and harmony with others, respecting the freedom to worship God as He invites them.


Major Subjects:

Bachelor of Arts, major in History

Bachelor of Arts, major in Psychology


Honors and Awards:

Best in History

Best in Psychology



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