Institutional Objectives:

       Notre Dame of Jolo College is a community of students, academic and non-academic personnel, administrators, and alumni dedicated to the harmonious development of the potentials of all its members through democratic and collaborative processes so that they become effective citizens of the country and the kingdom of God.   

        As an educational institution, NDJC develops professional and technological competence, ethics, critical thinking, social awareness, and active involvement among its members. It engages in relevant research programs to assist the institution and external agencies in their development projects.

      As an Oblate college, NDJC is especially committed to the empowerment of the poor through quality formal and non-formal education according to the needs and capacities of the students.


1.      Teacher Education Department

2.      Health and Sciences Department

3.      Liberal Arts Department

4.      Criminology Department

5.      Information and Communication Technology Department

6.      Business Management Education Department


1.      Committee on Philosophy and Objectives

2.      Committee on Admission

3.      Committee on Rank and Promotion

4.      Committee on Student Conduct

5.      Committee on Honors and Awards

6.      Committee on Curriculum and Textbooks

7.      Committee on Faculty Grievance

8.      Committee on Student grievance 

9.      Committee on Faculty Conduct


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