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A sporty year for NDJC


Academic year 2016-2017 appears to be most auspicious for us Notre Dameans, with our very own NDJC, hosting early this year the PRISAA meet for the ARMM, and dominating the games too. The just-concluded Private Schools Athletic Association regional event was held here at home court, from February 13 to 16, where NDJC turned out grand champion for both volleyball and basketball. Competing in the various events were private schools and colleges from all over the Autonomous Region, excepting Lanao province, which failed to turn up in the last-minute rundown.

Participating schools included Mahardika Institute of Technology (MIT) in Tawi-Tawi; the Mindanao Autonomous College Foundation, Inc. (MACFI) in Lamitan, Basilan; the Sulu College of Technology (SCT) in Jolo, Sulu; and the Sulu State College (SSC) in Patikul, Sulu.

A yearly sports fest among sister schools, NDJC’s participation in the PRISAA had been a little lukewarm in recent time, leaving the trophies for other contenders to take home. With the strong initiative of sports advocate and NDJC President Romy Saniel, the school was able to get the help of the Office of the Provincial Governor in sponsoring the  one-week event. Unlike in the previous years when athletes had to bring with them sackfuls of rice and boxes of canned goods, visiting athletes in this year’s PRISAA meet enjoyed free board and lodgings, thanks to the joint endeavor of NDJC and the Office of the Provincial Governor.

PRISAA Vice President and President of both Mahardika Institute of Technology in Tawi-Tawi and the Sulu College of Technology in Jolo, Sulu Mr. Sambas Hassan, in  a speech during the closing ceremonies February 16, 2017, congratulated NDJC President Romeo Saniel for his tireless efforts at reviving the PRISAA spirit. The warm welcome and comfortable accommodations accorded the visiting players is very inspiring, he said, and he looks forward to hosting the future PRISAA in his school, at MIT in Tawi-Tawi, where he plans to surprise Jolo players with a different kind of comfort. “Ibang klaseng comfort naman ang ibibigay namin sa inyo,” he promised.

In the past, players had to travel long lug along their week’s food supplies and beddings, he noted, then at the event proper after the games, they had to clear a space in the gym, pitch a tent, or use school rooms for sleeping quarters. In this year’s competition, the athletes were billeted at the NDJC Review Center Dormitory at nearby Kasulutan Village, and the college canteen catered.


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