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Fr. Saniel Serves in the National Educational Associations


Fr. Saniel Serves in  the National Educational Associations


Since the assumption of Fr. Saniel in June 2014 as the fifteenth NDJC President, he has been actively serving in the following educational and sports asso- ciations in the Philippines, namely: a) Philippine Accre diting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universi- ties or PAASCU, b) Catholic Educational Association in the Philippines or CEAP, c) Private Schools Athletic As- sociation or PRISAA, and, d) on July 22, 2015, he was elected as Vice President of Asian Universities Digital Research Network or AUDRN.

These four national associations have different and varied educational agenda and concerns. PAASCU is a voluntary quality assurance association that evaluates the quality of education in the country through accreditation.  Fr.  Saniel is an  active  PAASCU  accreditor.  He  was  a  member  of  the  PAASCU  Survey  team that  re-surveyed  San  Carlos  University,  St.  Paul  University  (Manila)  and  La  Consolacion  College  (Manila).

The CEAP Board is chaired by Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ. However, it is presided by Bro. Jun Erguiza, FSC. It is a Catholic educational association that represents the interests of Catholic educational institutions in the Philip- pines. PRISAA is the only and the biggest tertiary athletic association in the Philippines that develops student athletes in the country. Lastly, AUDRN is a digital research network of Asian universities that promotes research on local knowledge. On July 22, 2015, Fr. Saniel was elected Vice-President of the Association for SY 2015-2017.

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