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Tausug  Girl  Dreams  High, Tops  the  Nursing  Board

All she wanted was to conquer her fears to reach her dreams. Living in the war-torn municipality of Jolo, she was determined to become a nurse so that she can help her parents and be an instrument of healing and peace.

Tazmeen of the Tausug tribe in Jolo did more than that. She also ranked sixth in the May 2014 Nurse Licensure Examination. Tazmeen believes that difficult experiences push people to achieve greater things and do bigger tasks.  

 “We can dream big for our families and we can dream high for a more peaceful and prosperous Mindanao,” she said in her graduation speech as Cum Laude at Notre Dame of Jolo College.

Tazmeen shared in her speech about a little girl who wanted to start schooling but was afraid of strangers. She shared, “that little girl tried hard to overcome her fears but it only took her three days and dropped out. But her parents never gave up on her. They journeyed with her until she had to deliver this message to you today as a Cum Laude.”

Her parents, Reza Cyrus Angsa Mariwa and Gemalaine AminMariwa are both government employees in Jolo - DILG and DTI, respectively. She was the valedictorian at Jolo Port Elementary School and graduated with honors at Sulu State College Laboratory High School. In college, she was a consistent honor student and topped her outstanding performance by being among the nursing board exam topnotchers.

Fr.Saniel, the NDJC President, considers Tazmeen as a living testimony of excellence not as a skill but as a character and attitude.

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